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We pair you with the perfect First Team agent to ensure you get our VIP experience.
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We connect you with a Homeowners First lender, powered by NewRez, who will help you navigate the complexities of available loan options.
Agent & Lender Work for you
Together, your agent and lender ensure you end up with a loan to match the below-market interest guaranteed - and more importantly - that you end up with a home that matches the better quality of life you deserve.
Save Big

Here’s An Example Of How Much You Can SAVE*

30-Year Fully Amortized Fixed-Rate Mortgage with .25% Interest Rate Buy Down:

  • $34,576 savings on $700,000 Loan Amount
  • $29,637 savings on $600,000 Loan Amount
  • $24,484 savings on $500,000 Loan Amount
  • $19,587 savings on $400,000 Loan Amount
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Founded in 1976 in Orange County, First Team has been trusted by 250,000 Southern California households for real estate sales and purchases. As a local family-owned business, we are big enough to have the resources and small enough to care.

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Homeowners First Mortgage

Homeowners First Mortgage, LLC is a premier mortgage lender offering the highest level of expertise and personal attention to every individual client we serve. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, a veteran home buyer, an investor or simply looking to refinance your dream home, your satisfaction is our #1 priority. Offering hundreds of loan choices to customers, the company’s strength is rooted in the knowledge and experience of local loan officers.

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Whether you’re ready to buy a home tomorrow or in five years, we’re here to help. Our real estate professionals aren’t just agents, they’re lifelong financial guides. Let’s connect and map out your goals and ambitions together.
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