Super Easy Last Minute Halloween Party Ideas

Here are some quick and easy Halloween party ideas so you can throw together a spirited shindig in no time! There are suggestions for decorations, food and fun activities to do with your guests.

DIY Halloween Decorations

Get Creative With Pumpkins And Gourds

The easiest way to decorate for a fall party is with the fruits of the season – pumpkins and gourds! They come in all different shapes, sizes, textures and fall colors that look great when simply grouped together for a center piece.

If you’re going for a natural and rustic look for your party, no further decorating necessary! If you want to turn up the fright, then paint them. Black and silver will look bewitching in your home and bring a darker feel to your party. And don’t forget, you can always carve creepy faces into your pumpkins or gourds for a classic Halloween look.

Wicked Webs

Another quick and easy decoration is spider webs, they can go anywhere and everywhere around your house.  Buy them by the pack at your local store in the holiday section or you can opt for cheese cloth.  To finish off the design be sure to add plenty of spiders. Pick up some plastic ones or craft your own out of black pipe cleaners and small Styrofoam painted balls.

Halloween Food Ideas

Transform a tried and true snack into a signature Halloween treat!

Mummy Dogs

Take a party favorite and make it festive like these crescent mummy dogs (pigs in a blanket as they’re commonly known). These look fun and they’re super easy to make – if you’ve thrown a super bowl party before then you probably already know!

Get the recipe here

Voodoo Doll Cookies

They’re like your favorite Christmas treat but with a haunting Halloween twist. These voodoo doll cookies are adorable and super easy to make. Prepare these tasty treats for your guests or even better – make the decorating a part of the party! You supply the cookies and frosting and have them get creative with their snacks. Another fun twist is to have your guests decorate the cookies in costumes, maybe fashion the design after their own freaky frock they’re wearing at the party.

Check out this original idea and recipe from Not Quite Nigella here

Festive Fun And Games

Bobbing for apples

It’s a classic that’s fun for all ages. All you need is a bucket, some of apples and of course a bit of water. Make sure you’re prepared for the possible mess. Designate an area for the game and put down some towels or take the game outside.

Mummy Wrap

All you need is extra toilet paper and competitive party guests. Have your friends break up into teams, designate a mummy and see which group can wrap theirs up the fastest. You’ll get some great silly pictures and you can even add a second leg to the race. Once the mummies are all tightly wound in their toilet paper bandages, line them up and see who can sprint the quickest without unraveling their wraps!

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