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Even if you are not planning on selling your home anytime soon, it never hurts to continually add value to your home. These five items are very appealing to potential buyers, so they help to boost the market value of your house without requiring a great deal of work or expenses.

It’s the little things that count


Having a grand stylish kitchen or outdoor fire pit won’t help your home’s value if all the little things are broken. Reliable plumbing, a roof and windows without leaks, and a well maintained heater are all ultimately more important than trendy add-ons. If you are on a budget, invest in repairs before doing upgrades. Keeping the small details up to date with help you avoid costly damage repair in the future, and give you opportunities invest in trendy add-ons.

Add Extra Space

Before you call up a contractor to extend your living room, just listen. The key defining feature of most modern homes is an open floor plan with nice, spacious rooms. Even if your home does not have a lot of square footage, you can mimic this expansive feel by removing walls to combine living areas. A home with a few large rooms is generally more versatile than a home with several small rooms that will not easily fit furniture.

There is one more super simple way to add extra space: simply empty each and every room of unnecessary furniture. Remove china cabinets, desks, end tables and other pieces that aren’t necessary and instantly your space will appear larger, no remodel needed.

Add Energy Efficient Features


New LED light bulbs, and energy efficient air conditioners and water heaters are a big appeal, especially if they run on solar power instead of electricity. Not only will this make your home appeal to environmentally conscious buyers, but it can save you hundreds of dollars on heating and cooling bills.

Get Better Flooring

On average, real estate investors find that upgraded flooring results in an increased home value of double the cost of flooring changes. Of course wood continues to be the most popular choice among buyers, but almost any newer option will be more appealing than outdated or dirty carpet and linoleum.

Make the Outdoors Pleasant

Don’t neglect the exterior when trying to add value to your home. A well-maintained yard that will be enjoyable to relax in is just as important as a nice interior. Consider adding a deck, like those found at Lifestyle Patios, to increase the value and appearance of your yard. You should also make sure to trim back trees and bushes so your home will be full of natural light.

It doesn’t take a lengthy remodel to add value to your home, just a few smart updates can go a long way. For more on how to get the most for the investments you’ve made to your home, chat with a First Team agent. When it comes time to list your home, we don’t leave money on the table. 

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This guest post is written by Emma Sturgis a freelance writer based in Boston, MA. When not writing, she enjoys rock climbing and reading. Say hi on Twitter @EmmaSturgis2