Using Feng Shui to Entice Homebuyers

When your home is on the real estate market and you’re holding open houses and walkthroughs, there are several tips and tricks to entice homebuyers.  Offering wine and cheese, decorating for the holidays, staging your home, etc. are all ways of making buyers feel comfortable and at home in your house. Another way to attract buyers and appeal to their most basic emotions is by creating a fresh feng shui in your home.

Feng shui in the home reduces stress, creates harmony and makes people feel more balanced. The art of feng shui has a long history that dates back thousands of years. Early techniques used instruments such as magnetic compasses and astronomy to detect the flow of qi and orient buildings. Most modern feng shui has been greatly simplified to make it more accessible for those interested in practicing the technique.

Below are some examples of how to feng shui your home to bring about a positive change and entice buyers:

1. Remove Clutter

Though removing unnecessary clutter is one of the most common and easiest ways to create a more positive space it is also one of the most important. Keep unnecessary items off of tables, counters, furniture and the floor. Keep the spaces on your desk and the burners on your stove clear. Furthermore, if there is a specific area of your life that you feel is static or motionless in a negative way consider clearing out the clutter from its corresponding space. For example, if your creativity feels stinted you should remove clutter from writing desks, sewing tables, craft closets and bookshelves.

2. Move it All Out

If you can’t figure out what isn’t working in your space think about obtaining a storage facility and move everything except your larger furniture into it. From there you can situate your bigger items and put back only the most crucial smaller items. Then, according to specialists in self storage in Union City you can relocate the pieces that aren’t working to more functional places, and discard everything you no longer have a use for.

3. Don’t Block the Flow of Energy

Energy should be able to flow freely inside the home. The best layouts ensure that every space is used equally and moving from one space to another feels natural. That means places with a high amount of energy and use should be spread out evenly to make movement easier and things that block the flow of energy should be shifted. Consider moving something from a high energy place to a spot that doesn’t receive much traffic. Move that end table you stub your toe on every morning a few inches to one side.

4. Make Use of Color and Light

Pay attention to the feeling you get when entering each room. Make sure the colors you use create the effect you want and suit you. Let natural light into your rooms to brighten them and make them feel more open. Choosing the right colors and proper lighting keeps your home from feeling stagnant and gloomy. Creating the right atmosphere makes each space in your home more positive and ensures productivity.

5. Make Room for More

Have doubles of furniture in each room to invite others in and encourage conversation. Keep two chairs in the corner of the living room instead of one and situate them so they are facing one another. Make sure there are always enough seats at the dining table even if everyone won’t be eating. Keep more than one stool at the bar, two chairs at your desk and two nightstands beside the bed. Even if you are living alone and plan to keep it that way you should leave room for the opportunity of having company or guests.

6.Use the BTB School of Feng Shui

There are several schools of feng shui and each uses different methods; however, one of the most modern and accessible feng shui techniques draws on a common element from most schools of feng shui, the bagua. The bagua is often used to map rooms so that each section is correspondent with an area of one’s life such as relationships, creativity, wealth and blessings or inner knowledge. The Black Sect Tantric Buddhist school of feng shui uses the bagua a little differently from traditional schools.

Rather than being used along with a compass it is positioned in relation to the main door. If you want to feng shui yourelf from the foundation try using the bagua in reference to your main door to map out the different sections of your home and rearrange them based on your different areas of life.

There are many ways to add a fresh perspective and feel to your home. You can start from the foundation or just make smaller changes to improve your space. Most importantly, keep in mind that whatever changes you make should be functional.

This is a guest post from freelance writer Karleia Steiner. Away from the office she enjoys spending time with her daughters and husband.

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