First Team’s Weekly Mortgage Watch (July 1st, 2018) This Week Highlights the Following Updates:

  • Mortgage rates remained mostly flat last week, with economic data that reinforced the idea that we continue forward with slow, solid growth.
  • Consumer Confidence slid backward but remained in positive territory. New Home Sales stepped upward, but overall construction continues to be below what most experts believe would be “normal activity.”
  • GDP for the first quarter was adjusted down to 2.0%, and inflationary data continues to remain around the Fed’s so-called “speed limit.”
  • This week starts with the ISM Manufacturing Index. While it and its sister services index are expected to take a small step downward, they both will remain at a level considered solid growth.
  • Minutes from the last Fed meeting are also due, and analysts may be more sensitive to indications of slowing growth, which would press rates downward.
  • The monthly employment data is also released, and with unemployment at 3.8%, we’re likely to hear more chatter about how that indicator may not be as reflective of the employment situation as the economics of modern labor have morphed.

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A recent survey by Rent Café revealed that 83% of renters are living in what they consider a “less than ideal” location. While most renters indicate that moving to a more ideal home would cost more than four times what they are willing to pay, few look at creative options for buying a home in a more desirable area. Given the low level of understanding regarding down payment and financing options, renters may be able to buy rather than continue to rent.

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