What to do When Your Home Sale Goes South

The New Year presents a slew of new decisions, and one of those might be what to do now that your home sale has gone cold. If you tried to sell your home recently and you hit a wall, don’t worry. Let’s lay out the options and regroup.

Here’s what you can do when your home sale goes south like a sitting duck on the market.

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Go Off The Market

If your home didn’t sell in the past, it’s easy to feel the impulse to take your home off the market. You’re upset and you want a break from the whole process. That’s perfectly understandable.

But don’t get discouraged and let those negative thoughts eat away at your dreams. If the reason you listed a few months ago still makes sense, then chances are you should give it another go.

Don’t rationalize your dreams away. Instead, remember the reason(s) you decided to sell and recommit to achieving your goals. Giving it another go sounds like the perfect New Years resolution!

For Sale By Owner

If your home sale went south, you may be blaming it on an ineffective real estate agent. Trying to sell the house yourself may be alluring because you will be in control of the process and save big on commission, right?

Not necessarily. When you FSBO, buyers know you’re saving money on commission too so they’re more likely to offer a lower price. Also, if you’re not ready to go to bat and negotiate for all the little things (think closing costs, home warranty and inspections), you could end up paying thousands more than you would with a trained negotiator by your side.

Check out four reasons why FSBOs go sour and make sure you’re ready to deal with all the issues that may arise if you tackle the real estate market alone.

Give your Current Agent a Second Chance

For whatever reason, your house didn’t sell. Perhaps you now realize that the listing price was too high, or perhaps you’re now acknowledging that you didn’t exactly listen to your agent’s advice.

If these hard truths ring true with you, maybe it’s time to give your current agent a second chance. However, if your agent didn’t hold up their end of your listing agreement the first time, it may be time to try another agent.

Find a New Agent

Just because you didn’t get along with one real estate agent, doesn’t mean every other agent will be the same. There are good and bad people in every profession and a huge spectrum of variety in skill and personality – especially in real estate.

This time around, take your time interviewing agents and select a professional that you can trust. First Team sells 2X more homes in Orange County than any other broker. Find out more about why you can trust First Team by chatting with an agent near you.

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