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If you’re starting your home search or sale, Zillow Seal Beach is a fine jumping-off point, but when it comes to analyzing the local real estate market, you need a local professional to help you come out on top. Online tech websites like Zillow are trying to get into the local real estate game, buying and selling houses, but the truth is that homeowners can make more money from a home sale and still save time and hassles by working with an experienced top real estate agent in Seal Beach like Brandice Presley.

Here’s how The Presley Group saves their clients more money than Zillow, helping homeowners sell for top dollar within Seal Beach and all of Southern California.

Neighborhood Knowledge Is Key

Brandice Presley and her team specialize in coastal Southern California real estate with an emphasis on the Seal Beach CA 90740 market. That means she knows the local neighborhood trends and buyer demand, down to the street! She’s also supported by 45 years of market expertise from First Team Real Estate, with access to our internal Buyer Delivery System.

Brandice has personally worked with dozens of clients in the local area, knows the neighborhood inventory inside and out, and can pick up on market trends and shifts before they’re even available as statistics.

Zillow on the other hand is not hyper-local. They’re brand new to selling real estate in SoCal, and they don’t know how to qualify buyer demand other than their out-of-touch statistics. As a national brand and a tech company, their algorithms are built and based on markets that have no bearing on our Southern California landscape – or our unique clients.

Negotiating For More Money

With literally hundreds of line items on a real estate contract for just one property, there is a lot of room for negotiation – and a lot of chances to leave money on the table when selling your home. Brandice and her team go to bat for their clients on everything from preferred timeline, inspections, closing costs, backup offers, repairs, and so much more. Securing top dollar isn’t just about the perfect purchase price, it’s about creating a completely seamless experience for you, like building in contingencies to make sure you can buy and sell simultaneously if needed. Or helping you complete repairs so you can sell for more, instead of cutting your sales price. 

Unfortunately, Zillow’s tech is just a poor imitation of the skills Brandice has been honing and owning each and every day with her clients.

The Truth About Commission

Agent commissions are 100% negotiable, but you do pay for what you get. A top real estate in Huntington Beach and Seal Beach like Brandice Presley will cost you more than a flat fee discount broker, but it’s because she has the tools, experience, and know-how to get you more for your home while delivering a stress-free client experience. Zillow on the other hand charges 2.5% MORE than traditional agents when they sell your home, billed as a service charge. That extra service charge is something you will never find with a professional like Brandice. Her signature customer care and outstanding service come with every single transaction that she and her team of professionals complete.

When it’s time to sell your Seal Beach home, it’s important to consider all of your options. Homebuyers may search Zillow Seal Beach to browse homes for sale, but they purchase with experienced local agents like Brandice Presley. For a free seller consultation to review how much your home is worth in today’s hot seller’s market, reach out to Brandice and her team.

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