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Depends on how you look at it. California is losing residents to other states and as the population ages, but those losses are being more than offset by new births and foreign-born immigration. The number of Californians is still increasing, but our once-robust growth rate has slowed.1

The Average Cost of Moving Cross Country is $4,125. The price you pay depends on the size and number of trucks. the total weight (avg. of 7,500 pounds for a 3 bedroom house). services you request (packing, unloading). whether you choose a full-service company, truck rental, or shipping container.

In the second quarter of 2019, the San Francisco Bay Area topped Los Angeles, Washington, and Chicago when it came to people leaving major U.S. cities. It was second only to New York City.

Craving a new locale featuring plenty of sunshine, easy access to the ocean and delicious food? Moving to California might be for you. California is among the biggest states in the nation, both in terms of land size and population, so there is a huge range of great places to live. However, California is also one of the most expensive places to move to in America, so be prepared to spend more of your income on necessities like housing and transportation than you may have in your previous home.

Housing is the biggest factor in the cost of living difference. The median home price in California is $552,800 compared to the National Average of $231,200.

Austin, Texas, takes the top spot on Bankrate’s list of the 10 best places to live in the U.S. in 2020. Overall, our list of best places spans the nation, encompassing cities in the West, East, Midwest, and South. But Southern cities make up half the list, boasting traits like high affordability, desirable culture, and solid educational attainment.

California Exodus

691,145 Californians left the state last year. Find out where they went and why the people of the most popular state are relocating. See statistics

Move to Texas

Great food, great people and no state income tax!

Move to Arizona

Sunshine, Sedona, and Major Baseball's spring training.

Move to Nevada

Escape the taxes and crowds without sacrificing the excitement.

Move to Idaho

The cheapest cost living among western states.

Move To North Carolina

If the fall is your favorite season, then you would NC State.

Move to Florida

The most compelling reason to relocate to Florida is its fabulous weather.

Should I sell my home?

How much will you make from selling your property and moving out of state?

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