Free Down Payment Assistance

Zero down. Zero excuses.

Zero Down Gsfa

You can afford to buy with 0% down through GSFA

Free 5% Down

GSFA will gift you up to 5% as down payment assistance (DPA)¹

Interest Free

No interest on the DPA and no need to pay it back after 3 years


Minimum FICO 640; Maximum DTI 45%. Flexible Income Limits.

Golden State Financial Authority

What is GSFA?

Golden State Finance Authority is a California housing finance agency that supports affordable homeownership with down payment and closing cost assistance programs.

What is the catch?

There is none. The gift of up to 5% in down payment assistance doesn’t have to be paid back after 3 years and for First Responders and other essential workers, it never has to be repaid.

VA Loan

Veterans and active-duty military additionally have the option of receiving up to 0% down and zero out of pocket costs with a VA loan.

Here’s A Real World Example

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