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Step 1

Step 1

  • Request a Cash Offer

    Answer just a few simple questions to receive a no-obligation offer.

Step 2

Step 2

  • Schedule a Call To Review

    Chat together about the pros and cons to make your decision.

Step 3

Step 3

  • Accept & Close in Days

    Close escrow in days, not months, with cash in hand ASAP.



The great news is that I got a call from a client who wanted a specific amount of money on a home that his family had owned for over 70 years. They had done nothing to the property and it was very worn and lived in. I called Ryan and he came out and took a look. He told me yes, he could flip the property quickly and have it all done in about 3 weeks. My clients were ecstatic that they got their money 30-45 days sooner than they expected! I double-ended it on that side, and then when Ryan called me 3 weeks later to tell me the property was ready, I was able to put it on the market again. It’s exciting, it’s a brand new house, thank you Ryan!

Tammy Lathrop

FirstTeam - Yorba Linda

They were absolutely great to work with! This house needed A LOT of stuff. I mean a lot of stuff. And our clients were just thinking – gosh, how long is it going to take to get this done?  I called Ryan Lusk. Ryan was able to get the cash right away. It was a blessing for our sellers, they got a really great price. And I could not believe how fast he turned this place around! I expected about 3 months, and he calls me 3 weeks later – can we meet next week? I just came in and it was absolutely beautiful. I put it right on the market, got multiple offers, and I was thrilled that he also let me list it. We got a WAY higher price than we expected and more happy buyers.

Cheryl Coleman

A friend whose mother was leaving her house with lots of damage was looking to sell. I was up against a couple of different agents and once we were able to come up with the Instant Offers option, it made absolutely the most sense to the seller. Ryan Lusk was really great to work with. Just really easy in helping me put together the whole transaction. And now we’re in escrow and looking forward to seeing the end result of this house! Not only was I able to leverage the Instant Offers program to land the listing and get into escrow, after we close Ryan will flip the property and I will take the listing on the backend. 

Lisa Russo

FirstTeam - Mission Viejo

Judi Reimer’s team and First Team Real Estate are extremely competent and easy to work with.  From the start, when I first called their agent to let them know I had a listing, I thought they would be interested in flipping to the closing of that same listing after it was rehabbed. Their agent got to the property shortly after I called them, checked it out, and allowed me to represent them in the purchase with an all-cash, as-is offer. We closed in 7 days. The sellers were thrilled.  The house was rehabbed in a few weeks and was ready to be listed again. I was a co-listing agent of the rehabbed property, so I put my for sale sign up - which allowed me to get calls and helped with the multiple offers for a sales price more than any of us expected. I couldn’t have asked for an easier transaction if I tried. It was an extremely great pleasure working with Judi Reimer and her team! 

Sandie Gilbert

FirstTeam - Anaheim Hills

You Have Options

We'll provide the options, you decide what's best. In addition to having all of the resources to sell your home on the open market, you have the option to sell with FirstTeam Instant Offers - working with fully vetted, accountable investors to provide a fair, obligation-free cash offer on your home.

Sell with Instant Offers

Get a fair cash offer on your home and close without any hassles.

  • Cash in hand faster

    Close in as little as a few days if you decide to accept our Instant Offer.

  • No repairs or showings

    You don't have to lift a finger or open your home up to strangers.

  • You set the schedule

    You pick exactly when you want to move with no hiccups or hold-ups.

List with an Agent

Get more money for your home by listing with a FirstTeam agent.

  • Maximize sales price

    Through our Buyer Delivery System we capture more buyers to maximize offers and your sales price.

  • Upgrade and pay later

    Our First Impressions Concierge will pay upfront for repairs and renovations so you sell for more and don't pay until closing.

  • Unmatched service

    Superior real estate services and results, proven over 45 years of putting the needs of our clients first.

Why Request a Cash Offer?

Frequently Asked Questions

Our investors and partners pay First Team for the opportunity to see and buy your inventory.

32% of homes in California are sold off-market, and the percentage of transactions done by iBuyers is growing vastly every year. Consumers have shown they want another option. We want you to be able to offer everything your competitors offer and more.

We care deeply about the final outcome of your sale. We know that, when you tell your client you have a great cash investor, you are setting high expectations. We do not want to let you or your client down.

Yes! We pay big commissions (up to 110%) on referrals. Ask us and we will gladly show you how to grow your income right now—without even listing a home!

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