Buy Before You Sell

Purchase your next home without rushing a sale.

Secure Your Dream Home Before Selling The One You're In

Skip the Seller Hassles

We take care of your entire home sale from showings to staging so you can focus on buying.

Sell for More, Quicker

Our listings sell for 6.4% more and twice as fast as the competition*

No Double Moves or Mortgages

Just one move and mortgage at a time to keep your transition stress-free and financially stable.

Buy, sell, move once

Here's how it works
  • Unlock your equity

    We acquire your property for an initial payment of up to 75% of the current value, giving you the money needed to secure your next home.

  • Buy your dream home

    Once you find a home you love, we’ll provide a short-term loan so you can make a highly competitive cash offer, payable in as few as 10 days.

  • Sell your old house

    Once you’ve moved out we’ll fix up, stage, and prepare your old house to sell for the highest possible price.

  • Walk away richer

    We resell your home for top dollar and YOU keep all the upside, without living through stressful renovations and showings.

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Move forward with peace of mind

No more contingent offers or nightmares of double moves. You qualify for conventional financing on your new home, while we win more for your current home - we promise.

Ready to sell?

Curious how much your current home is worth?

There is no comparison

We give you more

Licensed agent

First Team

Other Companies

Cash offer
Guaranteed funds

(Loaner Officer)

10-day payout
Our listings sell for 6.4% more and twice as fast as the competition*
Prepare your house

(Inspect, repair, and stage)

Hold open houses
High-quality marketing
Secure a buyer

*As of December 31, 2020, properties prepared for sale by Zoom Casa sell for 6.4% more than their as-is value as determined by third-party valuation providers and sell twice as fast as listings on the broader market. While our projects historically outperform the broader market, Zoom Casa does not guarantee future performance.

Unlock Equity

Get your down payment money faster.

Not Just An Agent

Your one stop for every professional you need during your home purchase

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Title & Escrow

Western Resources Title & Coast Cities Escrow support our agents with their knowledge and skill to help each transaction run smoothly from start to finish.



Recognized as the industry leader in mortgage partnerships, Homeowners First Mortgage are experts in the business, delivering outstanding service to all customers.

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Global Relocation

Comprehensive relocation services for families, third party companies, and corporations of any size with affiliates and friends all over the world - no matter where you’re headed next.

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Legal and Risk Management

Providing legal advice to the company's corporate department, high-level management, and 2,000+ agents with respect to all matters of litigation and risk management.

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Buyer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re not afraid to go above and beyond to ensure you secure a home you love. And we put it all in writing as a part of our Buyer Satisfaction Agreement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Buy Before You Sell unlocks your home equity so they can make a strong, non-contingent offer on their next home before selling their current house.

  • We acquire your property for an initial payment of up to 75% of the current value of the home, unlocking the majority of your equity and enabling you to pay off any mortgages.
  • Once you move out, we prepare the home for sale with our expert designers and vendors. 
  • We handle the re-sale of your home for top dollar and you as the seller gets to keep all the upside

We charge a base service fee that is typically 3% of the value of your home upon resale. 

Since we’re paid as a percentage of the resale value of your home, our incentives are totally aligned with yours to ensure your home sells for the highest price and as quickly as possible. 

Remember, since we’re preparing the property for sale and you keep all the upside, you may realize additional proceeds upon resale in excess of what they would have realized if you just sold your home in its current condition, which may offset the costs of the program.

For instance, as of December 31, 2020, homes we’ve prepared for sale sell for 6.4% more than as-is value and twice as fast as the broader market*. You keep all that upside.

  • No credit application and it doesn’t impact your credit (it may improve your credit, actually)
  • No monthly payments
  • No interest expense
  • No fixed maturity date
  • No impact on sellers’ ability to obtain conventional financing on their next property because it is not a loan (no impact on DTI)
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