Is it a good time to buy a house?

From homeownership trends to interest rate increases,
consider the local trends before making that purchase in your favorite neighborhood.

Local Market Reports

Southern California Real Estate Market Reports

The First Team Real Estate monthly market updates are a must read for all homebuyers and sellers. Updated each month with the latest data straight from the MLS, these reports have everything you need to know before you make your next real estate move. This bad boy includes inventory, pricing, days on market and more on each city in every county, plus a county wide overview for each to make buying and selling a snap.

Orange County


The Orange County Real Estate Market Report is updated every month to give you the most up to date snapshot of our local market, complete with graphs for all our visual learners. Check out all the juicy details including recent sales, prices, and more along with a year-to-date look at the trends that got us here.

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Inland Empire

The First Team Real Estate Inland Empire Market Report includes every data point a local buyer or seller needs to know about the Riverside and San Bernardino County real estate markets. Updated each month, this bad boy will help you become a real estate expert in 5 minutes.

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Los Angeles County

The First Team Real Estate Los Angeles County Market Report includes data on every city in the county, along with a county wide overview to make buying and selling real estate a snap. Updated each month, the report covers what’s happening now, and a look back at the last year on the market as well.

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San Diego County

A must read for all serious homebuyers and sellers, the First Team Real Estate San Diego County Market Report is updated monthly. With the latest data straight from the MLS, this report has everything you need to know from inventory and pricing to days on market and pending properties. Don’t start your home search or sale without taking a peek!

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