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Management Support / Coaching

“I’ve sold $4.2 million in 12 months. My manager Mark Kojac helps me focus on the right activities to achieve quick results. Leaving my salaried job for the unlimited potential of real estate was a great career choice for me.” – Will B.“I have 2 open escrows and I’m working with 5 active buyers! Leaving a salaried job and starting a real estate career was the best decision I’ve ever made. With coaching from Mark Kojac, my First Team manager, I was able to hit the ground running. Because of the guidance I received from my manager I was able to secure listings quickly. Additionally, leads hot transferred to me from First Team’s call center have resulted in 2 open escrows and I am working with 5 active buyers.” – Will S.“I’ve closed $7 million in sales in the last 12 months. Starting real estate sales was a great career move for me. Coaching from my First Team manager Terry Roark and access to technology, tools, systems and strategies that work in today’s market helped me hit the ground running. I could not have picked a better time to start my career in real estate.” – Meitel T.“I Earned $33,000 in Gross Commission my First 45 Days in Real Estate! I listed two properties (nearly $2 million in volume), immediately sold my $1.1 million and negotiated a lease on Lido Island in Newport, all in my first 45 days as a newly licensed agent. With First Team’s training and personal coaching from my manager, I was able to hit the ground running. I interviewed four major firms prior to making a decision about where to launch my career. No other company offers this kind of support for new agents.” – Jack H.“I have closed over $4 million in sales in 12 months. First Team’s Power Curve training for new agents helped me hit the ground running. Company generated leads, and continuing training and coaching from my First Team manager have continued to fuel my business. I could not have picked a better company to partner with that First Team. – Alexia R.


“I sold 6 homes with over $3 million in volume my first 12 months. Exposure to the best practices of top producers in my First Team office really helped accelerate my start in real estate.” – Jacqueline C.“First Team’s training has been instrumental during my first year in Real Estate. The result? 9 Buyer broker agreements signed, 3 transactions closed in the last 30 days, and more on the way.” – Maxwell C.“I opened my first escrow while attending First Team’s Power Curve Training for new agents. Ongoing training and support from my First Team manager helped me sell 4 homes my first 6 months.” – Mindy J.

Support Services / Leads

“First Team’s marketing power is unmatched. The result? My first listing just closed escrow, over full price, over the comparables… in just 13 days. Meet the new neighborhood expert.” – Maxwell C.“I am competing successfully in the luxury market because sellers are always impressed with the global exposure of First Team. Unsurpassed company paid marketing and advertising make it easy for me to secure million dollar plus listings in every market in Orange County.” – Kathy L.“I was able to start my sales training while I was waiting for my real estate license. I get buyer referrals through First Team lead generation programs. You can’t get this kind of support anywhere else.” – Nicole J.“I have sold 6 homes in 12 months. I could not have picked a better time to get started!” – Allen H.“I’ve sold 7 homes and closed 4 leases in 12 months. The referrals I get from First Team Client Service Center have really accelerated my start. I also prospect actively for new clients. As a working mom, I find I can earn money while working around my active family’s schedule and never miss a beat. – Bridgette P.

Real Estate State Exam Prep

Wanted to say a HUGE Thank You for the amazing Cram Course Class. It truly helped me pass the RE Exam the 1st time!” – Jamie P.“I passed, I passed! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have passed the exam on my first attempt. There is no doubt in my mind that taking the cram course and applying all the advice you gave was the reason for my success.” – William T.“Thank you soooooooooo much for all your hard work making thus course a successful endeavor for all of us. You know the success of a student is usually dependent upon the teacher’s ability to teach and communicate a subject (especially such a difficult one) to a student that can be grasped quickly and thoroughly.” – Melanie M.“I passed! Thanks for your help Jonathan. Even after 8 years in the right of way industry I don’t think I would have passed that test without the guidance from yourself and First Team. Great product, thanks a million. – Charles T.

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