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Guide To Mortgages Fha Loans

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Mortgages and FHA Loans

Making the decision to buy a home is both an exciting and terrifying time…

5 Common Mortgages For Homebuyers

5 Common Mortgages for Homebuyers

Financing your home purchase is the most important part of buying a home…

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VA Mortgage Options

Available to veterans, active service members, National Guard, reservists, and spouses.

  • YOUR VA LOAN ENTITLEMENT. VA Entitlement makes it easier for you to qualify because it represents the amount that the government would pay to the lender if you default.
  • SAVE MONEY BY REFINANCING TO A VA LOAN. Not having a VA Loan means that you’re giving up the benefits you’ve earned through your service.

Loans For Investors

Investment property loans – a flexible & powerful tool.

  • SMARTVEST: INVESTOR CASH FLOW MORTGAGE. Our SmartVest mortgage is designed for experienced real estate investors with multiple financed properties and complex finances. SmartVest makes it easy for investors to finance their investment property with flexible guidelines and attractive non-qualified mortgage features such as interest-only options.
Fix Rate

Fix Rate Loans

Have peace of mind when owning a home with a stable payment mortgage.

  • GREAT RATES, LOW COSTS. Fixed rate loans feature affordable, competitive interest rates that keep borrowing costs low.
  • PREDICTABLE & BUDGET FRIENDLY. Enjoy the same locked interest rate for the entire term of your mortgage.
  • STRAIGHTFORWARD. A great option for first-time buyers.

FHA Loans

Moving up to a new home with little money down, insured by the Federal Housing Administration.

  • LOW DOWN PAYMENT OPTIONS. Plus, friends or family can assist with your down payment.
  • QUALIFY WITH LESS-THAN-PERFECT CREDIT. Underwriting is less strict and more understanding of past credit problems because of the government guarantee.
Adjustable Rate

Adjustable Rate Mortgages

The interest rate on an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) changes at a specified time after an initial “fixed” period.

  • LOWER RATES. ARMs generally have the lowest possible mortgage rate.
  • YOU PLAN TO SELL YOUR HOUSE SOON. If you plan to sell your home before the loan adjusts, you may save money versus a fixed-rate loan.

Finance Your New Construction

Building better futures with easy mortgages for new home construction.

  • FHA CONSTRUCTION LOANS. Low down payment options are available when you use an FHA loan to finance your new home construction.
  • VA CONSTRUCTION LOANS. Exclusively for eligible veterans and military members, providing benefits such as no payments during the construction phase and possible no money down financing.

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